17 November 2022

International Chemical Investors (ICIG) has successfully completed the acquisition of the compounds business of Benvic Group SAS from PVC Europe Group S.a.r.l, an investment subsidiary of Investindustrial.

Benvic develops, produces and markets thermoplastic solutions based on PVC as well as engineering polymers and bio-polymers compounds.

With approximately €500 million of sales and 630 fulltime employees (FTEs), the company is one of Europe’s leading PVC compounders in terms of volume as well as a leader in several specialty compounding applications in the US.

Benvic will form the basis for a new “Compounds” platform within ICIG and will continue to operate under the “Benvic” branding and market approach.

The signing of the transaction was announced in late August and has since received all customary approvals.


About Benvic

Founded in 1963 as a subsidiary of Solvay, Benvic develops, produces and markets highly customized, innovative thermoplastic solutions based on PVC, engineering compounds, and bio-polymers. They are available in the form of powders and compounds and are utilized across a wide range of rigid and flexible end-applications including building and construction, medical, aerospace, cabling, consumer, packaging and fluid transport. The company has a broad portfolio of formulations to ensure it meets clients’ requirements in terms of (i) technology conversion (i.e. extrusion, injection moulding, blow moulding, etc.) and (ii) the features of the final product including aspect and colour. Benvic’s production facilities in France (Chevigny and Porcieu-Amblagnieu), Italy (Ferrara,), Spain (Montornes), Poland (Raciąż), the UK (Sowerby Bridge) and the USA (Chesapeake and West Unity) are strategically located near the main end-markets in order to supply rapidly its customers at competitive prices. Additional information is available at www.benvic.com.

About ICIG

International Chemical Investors is a privately owned industrial group with total sales of around €4 billion. ICIG is focusing on four main platforms: Fine Chemicals under the WeylChem brand, Chlorovinyls under the Vynova brand, Compounds under the Benvic brand and Enterprises which comprises specialized companies active in fermentation products, viscose filament, activated carbon and wood protection chemicals (including “Corden BioChem”, “ENKA”, “CarboTech”, and “Rütgers Organics”). Since inception in 2004, ICIG has grown to operate more than 20 independent chemicals and pharmaceutical businesses, all of which have origins in major global chemical or pharmaceutical corporations. Today, ICIG companies employ approximately 4,500 employees and operate more than 28 manufacturing facilities in Europe and the United States. For further information please refer to www.ic-investors.com.


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