Following the successful acquisition by the International Chemical
Investors Group (ICIG), HCS Group will form the basis for a new strategic
platform within ICIG.

Frankfurt a.M., Germany, 01.09.2023 – HCS Group, a leading international supplier
of solutions for high-value hydrocarbon specialties, announced today that the
acquisition by the International Chemical Investors Group (ICIG) has been
successfully closed.

The chemical company with worldwide 500 employees is now
part of ICIG, a privately owned industrial group. Within ICIG, HCS Group will form
the basis for a new strategic business platform.

With the company takeover, the current CEO Henrik Krüpper will be leaving the
company at his own request. Peter Stubbe will temporarily assume the role of CEO
in addition to his function as Chief Financial Officer.

The acquisition comprises the entire operational business of HCS Group, including
the Haltermann Carless, Electrical Oil Services (EOS) and ETS Racing Fuels brands.


About HCS Group

HCS Group is one of leading international suppliers of high-value hydrocarbon
solutions in Mobility, Life Science, Industrial and Energy. The company employs
about 500 people and has production sites in Germany, the UK, France and the USA.
The products are sold worldwide through the traditional brands Haltermann
Carless, ETS Racing Fuels and Electrical Oil Services (EOS). With access to
renewable resources from strategic partners, the Group drives the development of
sustainable products making a contributing to defossilisation and the reduction of
greenhouse gas emissions. In 2022, HCS Group received ISCC PLUS certification for
the German sites in Hamburg and Speyer as well as ISCC EU certification for the
production site in Harwich, UK. For more information please visit:


About International Chemical Investors Group (ICIG)

International Chemical Investors is a privately owned industrial group with sales in
excess of €3.6 billion and more than 5,100 employees worldwide. ICIG is focusing
on four main platforms: Fine Chemicals under the WeylChem brand, Chlorovinyls
under the VYNOVA brand, Compounds under the BENVIC brand, and Enterprises,
which comprises several specified companies. Since inception in 2004, ICIG has
acquired more than 25 independent chemical businesses in Europe and the United
States, all of which have origins in major global chemical corporations. For more
information please visit


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