18. Januar 2011

The Fine Chemicals Platform of International Chemicals Investors (ICIG), WeylChem Group, offers Custom Manufacturing services as well as Advanced Intermediates & Reagents. WeylChem’s manufacturing sites are located in Germany (Frankfurt & Brunsbüttel), in the US (Elgin), in France (Thann) and  in Italy (Trissino). They provide a wide range of technologies on an exclusive basis for the fine chemicals market. Representative chemistries include phosgenation, Grignard, Friedel.Crafts as well as coupling reactions. Chlorinations are offered on multiple sites, Miteni in Trissino is a leading company in Fluorination Chemistry and PPC in Thann is a leading company in Bromination Chemistry.

Beginning in 2011 WeylChem International (WCI), located in Frankfurt, Germany was formed to offer the platform’s technologies from a single entity, particularly for Custom and Toll Manufacturing under the brand name WeylChem. The new company will also focus on supply chain optimization between the ICIG fine chemicals businesses. WeylChem’s Advanced Intermediates & Reagents continue to be handled by the local legal entities and will benefit from the larger commercial network provided by the new international organization.

Dr. Andreas Maier and Dr. Joachim Hackenbruch have been appointed as Managing Directors of WCI. Paul Vierendeels, Dr. Andrea Missio and Bryon Leggett will join the new entity as Directors Business Development.

We wish this new company ongoing success and are confident that it will add substantial value to our services and the products of our customers.

About International Chemical Investors Group

International Chemical Investors Group is a privately owned industrial holding company focusing on mid-sized chemicals and pharmaceutical businesses. Since inception in 2004, ICIG has acquired 15 independent chemical and pharmaceutical businesses, operating 15 production facilities worldwide with sales of approximately € 700 million and more than 3000 employees.


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About WeylChem Group

WeylChem Group has been formed by International Chemical Investors through various acquisitions since 2005 and has become a leading supplier of building blocks and custom manufacturing services, providing exclusive (multi.step) synthesis of chemical intermediates and active ingredients for multinational customers in the pharmaceutical, agrochemical and polymer industries. Today, WeylChem has manufacturing sites in Höchst, Griesheim and Brunsbűttel (Germany), Elgin (United States), Trissino (Italy) and Thann (France).

For more information visit:

www.ic-investors.com and www.weylchem.com


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