22. März 2013

Membrane-based technology will replace a mercury-based process, enhancing environmental sustainability and increasing competitiveness.

PPC, a company of WeylChem Group, the fine chemicals platform of International Chemical Investors Group (ICIG), has secured bank financing from Commerzbank for the conversion of the mercury electrolysis plant. The equity portion of the financing will be provided by ICIG.

PPC will convert its production of Chlorine and Potassium derivatives via a mercury based electrolysis to membrane technology. This project is expected to last 28 months. Due to its environmental side effects, mercury based technology will be prohibited by French regulation after the year 2019. In parallel, PPC is to carry out an upgrade and extension of the current bromine recovery capabilities on site which should lead to significant cost savings for bromine. The duration of this project is expected to be 24 months. The total investment for both projects will be EUR 53 Million. “We are thrilled about supporting PPC in its environmental friendly approach,” says Tomas Hainich, President of WeylChem Group. “This is a strong signal for the long-term future of PPC.”

Chemieanlagenbau Chemnitz GmbH (“CAC”) has been selected to build the new membrane electrolysis plant and the bromine recovery plant for PPC. CAC has extensive experience in the segment of erection, re-vamping and expanding electrolysis plants.

“This project enjoys strong support from the French authorities, because we are known as a respected employer in the region,” says Philippe Robin, President of PPC.

“We acquired PPC in 2006 with a long term perspective. After substantial operational improvements during the last years, we are confident that this investment will stabilize the future of the company,” says Achim Riemann, Managing Director of ICIG.  “After more than two years of planning and preparatory work for this comprehensive project we are very satisfied having reached agreements with reputable and experienced construction and financing partners,” adds Patrick Schnitzer, Managing Director of ICIG.

As per French regulation, this project is subject to consultation by PPC’s work council.

About WeylChem Group: The WeylChem Group is the Fine Chemicals Platform of International Chemical Investors Group. It offers Custom Manufacturing services as well as Advanced Intermediates, Reagents and Performance Products. WeylChem Group’s sites are located in France, Germany, Italy and USA. We provide a wide range of technologies on an exclusive basis for the fine chemicals market. Core chemistries are based on Bromination, Chlorination and Fluorination, Phosgenation, Grignard, Sandmeyer reactions, Friedel-Crafts as well as C-C Coupling reactions. WeylChem International is the unit responsible for Marketing & Business Development.

About International Chemical Investors Group: ICIG is a privately owned Luxembourg based industrial holding company focusing on mid-sized chemical and pharmaceutical companies.  ICIG presently incorporates 19 separate operating companies with sites in Germany, France, Italy, the United States, Switzerland, Poland and Ireland with more than 3,400 employees and total sales of approximately €800 million.


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